From Office Chaos to Calm: 3 Organic Solutions to Surviving & Thriving in the Office

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Office stress is an all-too-common experience. No matter how well your morning routine goes, some days just end up feeling like this:



.. sometimes we all need a helping hand!

While we all know how important a 'balanced' lifestyle is, there is always that 'one week' of going through the gauntlet, the unevitable ups and downs of life!

No worries.

We at Captain Pure got your back. 😎 

Below are some organic, simple products we have on offer, that may just help with those office days from hell.


CBD Soft Gels for Long-Lasting Relief

Our CBD Soft Gels offer a convenient and long-lasting way to experience the calming effects of CBD. Studies suggest that CBD can help reduce anxiety and promote a sense of well-being, making it a perfect companion for stressful office environments. Imagine taking a soft gel in the morning and feeling balanced, calm and focused throughout the entire day.

A study conducted by the University of Nottingham found that CBD can reduce anxiety by affecting the limbic and paralimbic brain areas. Read more here.

Why not check out our CBD product range, including the tasty CBD Gummies, as well as CBD Oil Drops with full-spectrum CBD


Muscle Miracle Roll-On: Natural Hypertension and Headache Relief

Tension headaches and hypertension are common in high-stress jobs - i have them regularly staring at screens for too long... Our Muscle Miracle Roll-On provides immediate cooling relief with natural ingredients like eucalyptus and peppermint.

The roll-on is easy to apply and perfect for quick breaks to de-stress and refocus.

A study published in the Phytotherapy Research journal by the University of Kiel in Germany highlighted the efficacy of peppermint oil in relieving tension headaches. Read more here.

The 50ml Roll-On provides a cooling sensation, for you to use anywhere, at any time.

From jam-packed Underground journeys, to that unforgettable afternoon crash, the Muscle Miracle Roll on can be the magical solution to keeping your cool and at ease.

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Mushroom Life: Focus and Clarity with Lion’s Mane

For those long hours that require intense concentration, our Lion’s Mane Mushroom supplement is a game-changer. Known for its cognitive-enhancing properties, Lion’s Mane can help improve focus and clarity, and offer a sense of confidence to support you in day-day working life!

A study conducted by the University of Malaya in Malaysia, in collaboration with European researchers, showed that Lion’s Mane could improve cognitive function and focus. Read more here.




Now guys, we sure don't want to get sued. 

But it goes without being said, the combination of CBD, Muscle Miracle and Lions Mane may remind you of those super heroes

Incorporating natural wellness products into your office routine can significantly reduce stress and improve overall well-being as well as performance & satisfaction. Whether it's the lasting relief from our CBD Soft Gels, the immediate cooling effect of the Muscle Miracle Roll-On, or the focus-enhancing properties of our Lion’s Mane Mushroom supplement, Captain Pure has you covered.

Explore our range of products today and discover how you can transform your workday from stressful to serene.

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