The cloud-based voucher oriented e-commerce platform for health-safety products

Captain Pure is the first cloud-based e-commerce platform providing quality health-safety products to companies through auto-generated unique vouchers. Our two-pronged models for B2B and B2C comprise easy procurement, end-to-end tech and logistics solutions like warehousing, redeemable vouchers and doorstep delivery of safety products like masks & sanitizer kits, to the associates of business. Captain Pure is leading this endeavor to help businesses achieve pure protection from COVID-19 and function seamlessly.

Redeem Your Corporate Voucher

    Hello Captain Pure!

    Now protection at work is as easy as 1,2,3. On our technologically advanced platform, consumers can redeem their cloud-based auto-generated vouchers by simply filling in the requisite data to get the health-safety products delivered right at their doorstep. No complications, just pure protection.

    Captain Pure is the first and only e-commerce tech platform that comprises cloud-based auto-generated vouchers as an alternative online currency to help simplify transactions for companies and employees.

    We provide top-notch personal safety and hygiene products like sanitisers and face masks among our wide range of products to help people fight the pandemic easily, through this tech-platform.

    Our all-round services comprise procurement of these essential products in bulk, our own warehousing facilities, online product ordering facility and seamless logistics to deliver the products right to customers’ homes.

    A flexible, hassle-free solution to ensure a consistent supply of health-safety products to organisations, employees and associates, that helps them go about their business as usual, without compromising on productivity and safety.

    Benefits of CaptainPure


    One-stop Hub

    Companies can avail our all-in-one e-commerce services to generate and distribute cloud-based vouchers, order and store hygiene products, backend support like monitoring and supply chain, and logistical support of offline product delivery


    Maintain Cash Flow

    Our flexible payment options help companies balance their cash outflows. They can pre-order in bulk and only pay as and when they actually access the product orders. This reduces the risk of upfront payment, maintaining a reasonable cash flow for business owners.


    Quality Tested Products

    Our products undergo multiple quality tests which are undertaken in association with our credible partners. Every manufactured product is tested before being shipped to the consumers for 100% safety assurance.


    Seamless Logistics

    From procuring and providing storage facilities for companies’ mass orders, to sharing real time stock updates, processing the orders and delivering them at the said address, Captain Pure’s own warehousing facilities and logistics coupled with flawless dashboard system ensure timely service and an easy-to-access ecosystem.


    Zero-Waste Purchase

    With their own online accounts, a personalised dashboard and our real-time monitoring, businesses can buy any product and keep a precise account of their inventory across any of their locations. Our trend analysis enables them to buy-as-they-need and stay sufficiently stocked up on these essential products, averting a crisis.


    Avail Storage Facilities

    Companies that order from us can avail of Captain Pure’s owned in-house storage facility. Our warehousing systems, located at prime locations across the world, will manage and maintain our customers’ stocks efficiently, on their behalf. Companies need not incur additional costs of renting or buying storage space.

    How We Work

    With Captain Pure’s unique seamless tech-platform, it’s a breeze to procure, manage and deliver safety products to thousands of employees in just 4 steps:


    Companies place a bulk order for our safety products with us, online.

    They get a corporate account and a dashboard to control their orders.

    They can auto-generate and disburse redeemable vouchers for the products in one go.

    The employees can redeem the cloud-based vouchers to get the products delivered at their doorstep.