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Muscle Miracle Resiliency Stack Capsules x 60

Muscle Miracle Resiliency Stack Capsules x 60

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Product Description

Unlock your full potential with the Muscle Miracle Resiliency Stack!💪 Our expertly crafted supplement contains a powerhouse of natural ingredients 🌱. Each 500mg capsule contains:

- Ashwaganda (175mg) for stress reduction,

- Ginko Bilboa (75mg) for cognitive function,

- Lotus Leaf (50mg) to flush out toxins,

Cordyceps (125mg) to fuel you with energy and, 

Yarrow (75mg) for anti-inflammatory relief

All cased within 100% plant based HPMC capsules! 

The muscle miracle resiliency stack supplement is produced in the UK, under FSA Approval & Certification, so you know you're buying the best, to get exactly what you need.

 Ingredients: Ashwaganda, Cordyceps, Ginko Bilboa, Yarrow, Lotus Leaf, HPMC Vegan Friendly Capsules.  

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